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What is Tesler?

The Tesler platform is an automated trading app run by robots. It's a free-to-use platform. With the help of artificial intelligence, robots on the Tesler platform are able to make automatic trades. Meaning, you won’t need to monitor your trades or wait for the right time, robots will do that for you even when you’re not online. But, how?

Tesler robots analyze the crypto market of the entire world and make trades accordingly based on their findings. When they see that the price of any digital asset is going down, they buy it on your behalf.

The anonymous nature of blockchain technology invited a lot of interest, which eventually led to the creation of trading applications. Hence, Tesler is amongst these that have been chosen for trading purposes and is doing amazingly well.

Features of the Tesler App

Tesler offers traders all those features that make traders' lives easier. All of the features make the trading way easier and faster. Now let's take a look at each one by one.

No matter how good a trading platform is, if it executes your trades slowly, you’ll always lose your investment.

Thus, the faster execution of the Tesler trading platform is the thing that we put a lot of focus on.

All of your trades are executed quickly on the Tesler trading platform, which allows you to trade at the right time without missing any crucial opportunities.


It’s okay to have a complicated interface with tons of functionalities for an expert trader with years of experience.

But for a beginner, a complicated user interface is like a nightmare. It demotivates them from trading and also confuses them.

This is why we have made sure that our Tesler trading platform has a clean and easy-to-use interface so that even beginners can use it with ease.

Even when you’re completely new to trading and have never traded before, the Tesler interface will be a piece of cake for you to use.

The results of Tesler are 99% accurate due to advanced technology. It is accurate because the platform is managed by Robots. They only follow the instructions that are programmed in them.

From predicting the price of crypto to selling them out, the Tesler robots handle everything.

Robots are programmed to recognize price changes in crypto and make the appropriate decisions.

Therefore, You can expect excellent results from this Tesler app.

Having access to more exchanges will increase your chances of making profits.

We’re glad to tell you that the Tesler trading platform allows users to trade on different types of exchanges.

It means you’ll be able to trade in multiple exchanges while using only one trading platform.

The Tesler app provides you with real-time data collection and processing, which is very important in trading.

In the absence of live time data and stats, you might make a wrong decision on any trading platform, which would be extremely damaging.

For that reason, all of the data and statistics that are shown to you on the Tesler app are in real-time.

There are three types of trading options that you get on Tesler. One is manual trading, the second is automatic trading, and the third is demo trading. In manual trading, you’re the one who makes trades and monitors them.

In automated trading, you tell the robots to trade for you. They’re the ones who make trades from your account even when you’re not available. What about demo trading?

All beginner traders should consider demo trading a gold mine.

In demo trading mode, you get everything just like in real trading, but the money that you use to trade is virtual. This means that’s not your own money; that’s the virtual money provided by our platform.

This way, beginner traders can learn to trade without putting their money at risk. Isn’t that awesome?

Trading applications rely heavily on signal accuracy. It’s essential to the functioning and usefulness of cryptographic applications.

The accuracy of signals is therefore of utmost importance.Tesler app developers developed an algorithm that generates 99.4% accurate signals.

Users can make informed decisions based on this accuracy and gain competitive trading experiences.

Unlike other trading platforms, you won’t have to wait for days to get your profit. Our platform provides you with the quickest withdrawals. Also, it’s very easy to get withdrawals into your bank account.

Customer support is crucial for any trading platform. Because usually traders, especially beginners, have some issues while using the platform.

They want an immediate response so that they can keep up with their trading. Because of this, our Tesler team is available 24/7 to assist you.

Live chat is available. Feel free to contact us with any questions, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. So, don’t worry if you have any sort of issue.

We want every one of you to make a profit. We don’t want you to not make a profit just because your device isn’t compatible with our app.

That’s why the Tesler trading app is compatible with multiple devices. such as Mac, Android, desktop, Windows, and any device with an internet connection.

With Tesler, you’ll never be alone, no matter what device you’re using. With little to no effort, you can make passive income through trading.

It isn’t necessary to pay hundreds of dollars for you to pay to trade on our app. Because it’s completely free for anyone to use.

You’ll only have to make a $250 deposit to your account that you’ll trade with.This money won’t be taken from you. It’s yours, and it’s the money that you’ll trade with.

Tesler is committed to protecting its customers’ data and has invested heavily in immutable safeguards.

Tesler’s website is protected by military-grade encryption. This ensures that they adhere to all international data protection standards.

It has well-known traders who are regulated in every country.

Since trading is all about investing money, the platform needs to be secure. Because if the platform isn’t secure, all of your money will be lost on the internet without you knowing anything.

For that reason, we ensure that our platform is secure. We even verify brokers and adhere to privacy standards.

Not only that, but we also ensure that sensitive data and private information are adequately protected, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You are now aware of all the features of Tesler Trading. Now you must be wondering how you can create an account on Tesler and start trading. That’s what we’re going to learn now.

How Does The Tesler Platform work?

As stated earlier as well, Tesler is an automated platform that works with AI robots. All of the trades are done automatically on Tesler. The robots on Tesler are so advanced that they can easily assess the crypto market and make trades accordingly with an accuracy of 99%.

The only thing you have to do is click on "automated trading." Now you can spend time with your family and friends or do work without worrying about your investments

How To Create an Account on a Tesler?

Setting up an account with Tesler is way easier. You can do that by following the steps below.

  • Create an account on the Tesler app to get started. How will you do that? Creating your Tesler account is easy.

    There is no need for a licence or certificate. Registration does not require any experience information. Complete the registration form on the official Tesler app website.

    The page can be accessed without clicking any buttons. You will find the form on the main page.

    To complete the form, please provide your name, mobile number, country, and email address. The platform will use your email address to communicate with you in the future.

    Make a strong password at the end of this task to protect your account information. It should never be shared.

    Your details will be verified within minutes by the platform. We will send you a confirmation email after completing your verification.

  • Now it is time to fund your account. There are many money transfer options that you can use to transfer money to your Tesler App account.

    The platform offers several options for this purpose. Choose the option that works best for you. This option can be changed at any time without notice.

If you don’t know anything about trading or you’re just uncertain about the Tesler platform, then you can use the demo trading option to trade.

Through demo trading, you can learn to trade as well as see how this platform works.

You’ll be provided with virtual currency in your demo account that you’ll be able to use to trade. You won’t waste your money making amateur trades while learning to trade this way.

You’re good to start trading now. You can either go with the automated trading or manual trading, depending on your expertise.

That’s how easy it is to set up an account on the Tesler trading application. Now, let’s head over to our FAQ section, where we’ll answer some of your most frequently asked queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of assets can you trade on Tesler?

The Tesler can be used to trade any asset. Our app works with CFDs, bonds, and forex. Switching between different asset types takes just a few seconds.

Does Tesler have a free version?

Yes, our Tesler Trading app is free for anyone to use across the globe. But you’ll have to invest a minimum of $250 in your account. On this trading platform, you will use this money to trade. The platform won’t keep a dime of it. So, don’t worry about that.

Does Canada allow Tesler?

Yes, the Tesler App Canada is legal in the state. However, cryptocurrencies cannot be used as legal tender. Businesses can accept cryptocurrency at their own risk. Cryptocurrency is not accepted as a method of payment by the more formal CRA.

What’s The Goal Of the Tesler App?

We developed the Tesler trading platform to help beginners to make profits from trading.We know that trading is hard and can cause someone to lose tons of money in no time. But with the help of our Tesler app, even beginners can start trading and earn passive income.

The Tesler trading app does wonders for those traders who can’t manage to monitor their trades and spend hours waiting for the right trade time. Our platform does everything on their behalf. Sounds interesting?